Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Army is trying to spin the fact that their efforts to expand Pinon Canyon have been thwarted, yet again. Fort Carson officials announced on Jan. 19th that they are backing off "for now" and concentrating on using land they already have. So far, so good. But Col. Robert McLaughlin, the garrison commander at Fort Carson, said the Army may still try to expand Pinon Canyon that expansion is not, "off the table."

We've heard this line before; that the Army is not pursuing expansion, "at this time." Or that there is, "currently no plan." They're trying to make it sound like it's their idea to back off, but the reality is that it would be illegal for the Army to try to expand because congress has enacted, for the third year in a row, a ban on spending any funds for that purpose. Thanks to the united efforts of Senators Udall and Bennet, and Representatives Salazar and Markey the Army has no choice but to back off, "for now."

But a careful reading of Col. McLaughlin's words makes it clear that they'll be back if and when they can get out from under the year-to-year bans which prevent them from moving forward on expansion. Meanwhile Southeastern Colorado remains under a dark cloud. What is needed is a permanent legislative ban on expansion. The Army says that it wants to "improve relationships" with landowners around Pinon Canyon. The first step that they need to take in that direction is to reaffirm promises made over the past 30 years that there would be no further expansion of Pinon Canyon and pledge their support for putting that promise into binding legislation. Then, and only then can the Department of the Army hope to win any goodwill in the region.

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