Sunday, April 23, 2006



I'm thinking of creating a series of paintings titled IRAQI ICONS. Images of the humans invoved in the war painted as modern icons. These are some of the ideas that I would like to embody in these paintings.

-The images will be types; not specific individuals. Some of the types that I would create include soldiers of different races, ages and genders, including those who have been disfigured and dismembered. Mullahs and Clarics, Iraqi women, children, including those who have been disfigured and dismembered, politicians and business people, terrorists and suicide bombers, child-fighters, journalists.
-Traditional icons are paintings of saints. Since I believe that we are saints, not because of our meritorium deeds or our individual perfection, but because of the grace of God, I consider all who have placed their trust in this grace to be santified by it. Jesus is the embodiment of divine grace. Every graced human is the embodiment of Christ; the sacrificial body, the suffering body, the glorified body. I do not believe that Christ's sacrifice was for those who would adopt a set of Christian doctrines, but rather for all humans.
-All human life is sacred; lives that we understand as well as lives that are mysteries to us. The lives of our loved ones, the lives of our neighbors, the lives of those in far distant cultures, lands and traditions, the lives of our enemies.
-Icons are objects of meditation that bring the one who venerates into intimate contact with the spirit represented by the icon. My icons will be created for the purpose, first of all of my own meditiation. As I create them I will pray to know and understand, to love and bless, to extend forgiveness, healing, appreciation and respect to those represented by the icon. I will also create them to be objects of meditation for others so that viewer may be brought into a deeper awareness of the santitiy of all human life.

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