Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thoughts in the Tub

Long baths stimulate all sorts of ideas. This morning I had a couple.

First, I thought about Terre's concern with raising the consciousness of students. We could create a Learning Community with the idea of processesing consciousness-raising themes. I don't believe that education should be a cover for indoctrination, but it should not be a sterile environment either. We should present information and ideas and offer opportunities to process that information, and to respond to those ideas.

We could agree about a ciruculum that covers certain themes; God, Family, Love, Violence, Suffering etc.

We could gather writings and images related to the themes.

We could have writing students respond to students' visual works, and visual artists could respond to students' writings. This could be edited and published as a web site and perhaps as a printed document.

We could have an online discussion board for all participating classes to talk together.

We could have a monthly plenary session when all of the classes would meet together for food and discussion, or film, or presentation, or debate.

Another Tub thought- An editorial for A Christian fifth column. The majority of Christian are in a holding patern. They are not actively engaged with Christian Right. They are passively waiting in churches for an authenticly Christian social movement with which they can identify. They allow Right-wingers to speak as if, for them, but the reality is that there are many who disagree with the politicization of religion, and others who disagree with the distorted conservative interpretation of Christian values.

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