Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why I'm not a pacifist

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I reject the way of violence. I don't believe that fighting and killing ones percieved enemies, (not to mention innocent non-combatants), is the Christian way to resolve international disputes any more that violence is the solution to family conflicts. Just as murder is not the way to settle personal differences, war is the not the way of the resolve international tension or eliminate global threats.

I especially disagree with pre-emptive war; attacking the enemy before the can attack you. This is the exact opposite of, "turn the other cheek."

But having said all that, I am not a pacifist. A pacifist ABSOLUTELY rejects violence. Any absolute rule governing behavior, regardless of the circumstances amounts to fundamentalism. I am not a fundamentalist. I am a thinking, felling, praying person who looks to my head, heart and spirit to discern the way to go in life. I have guiding principles, but I am not governed by absolute laws. I want to be governed instead by a living relationship with the Spirit of God.

Absolutizing any moral precept, including "Thou Shalt Not Kill" creates a power above and appart from the God that governs conduct.

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