Monday, February 06, 2006

Life as Art

It came to me in the night that I should attempt to live my life as a work of art. Art is from the earliest stages of a persons development, and from the earliest stages of the development of our species. It is self-evident that art is embedded into the core of our being as humans. One of the statements that I often hear from my students is, "Everything is art", or "Art is in the eye of the beholder." Faced with the difficult challenge of trying to define art they often take refuge in statements like these that allow them an avenue of escape."

There is a passage of scripture that refers to humanity as "God's work of art." I want to experiment with living my life as a work of art, approaching each day as a new canvas waiting to painted upon.

I'll start with a title for each day's creation, formulating a theme for each day as an artistic expression. A theme that will creatively express through my thoughts, words and deeds during the day.

Today I want to create a work of art titled, "Art is Magic." From the earliest expressions of artistic expression, art was understood to embody mysterious aspects of reality. It was understood to grasp and effect the world. In our modern world words and numbers have pretty much displaced art as our primary means of grasping and effecting the world around us. There are two problems with words; their specificity and their rationality. Words are well suited to the congnitive management of our left-brain functions. Art is a better means of grasping and effecting transcendent, intuitive and emotional, right-brain functions.

When I speak of Art as magic, I mean to use the word "magic" in a way that encompasses manipulation of external entities, adjustment of internal dynamics and the sacramental apprehension of transcendental reality.

Manipulation of exernal entities would include sympathetic magic such as Paleolithic hunting rituals, Voodoo or art used as propaganda to inspire patriotism.

Adjustment of internal dynamics would include art used as a psychological self-awareness tool such as art therapy.

Art as sacramental tool would include such things at liturgical art include votive statues and icons.

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